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Leave a legacy, not a burden

“It’s not just about fancy legal and accounting structures. What’s most important is figuring out what IMPACT you want to have and what MARK you want to leave when you’re gone.”

– Leslie Quinsay

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Speaking Topics

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Leslie can speak on topics like estate planning, transferring wealth, real estate investing, wills and trusts, and family financial plans.
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About Leslie

Leslie Quinsay, co-owner of a thriving family business for over 25 years, has started and run several business ventures throughout the years. Her diverse work experience and business management studies at top universities helped prepare her to write her most recent book Legacy – a book, she quotes, “…is intended to make a positive difference in the life of everyone who reads it.”

A past Canadian Real Estate Magazine “Investor of the Year” award winner, Leslie provides expertise from the perspective of a business owner, entrepreneur and investor. Her extensive management background and hands on experience helped her realize the importance of family communication around the legacy they’re creating. She emphasizes the importance of passing down lessons and wealth so that future generations can enhance these efforts and continue to pass them on.

Leslie also owns a real estate investment company and continues to hold family wealth creation meetings to help pass lessons learned – both business and personal – down through the generations.

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