The Answers You Seek Lie Within

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Often when I’m struggling with issues or challenges with my business ventures my first instinct is to reach out for help. And in doing so, deep inside I hope that I will find an “expert” or someone very experienced and knowledgeable in the area who will be able to provide a solution to my issue.

But a few years ago I began working with an amazing business coach and joined an executive advisory board. And it was this experience that taught me that most of the answers we seek lie within.

As we went through the exercise of issue processing I soon learned that we often have the solutions to our issues hidden deep within ourselves. What we really need is a good coach, good mentor or team of people who support us and help us pull those answers out.

The best “experts” I have ever worked with actually do less speaking and more listening. They take the time to really digest and understand what I’m working to solve and then ask a gazillion clarifying questions to make sure the problem is clearly defined. Only after this point do they ever begin trying to work towards solutions. And often by the time we reach this phase I already have come up with some solutions of my own.

When my family began our estate and succession planning many years ago, we reached out to experts in the area and basically just followed whatever advice they gave us. We didn’t know much about it so relied on others to lay out a plan for us. We figured they would know what was best for us but the truth is only WE know what is best for OURSELVES. Sometimes it takes time to work through it but the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to invest the time in outlining the way you want things to be.

Take the time to sit as a family and really define what you want your estate and succession plan to look like. If need be, find a consultant that can help guide the process so that you can properly define exactly what you want to accomplish. And then gather a team of advisors who take the time to really understand what you before they start advising you!

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